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Hejka Amalia!

I was surprised as I got your answer at my email. It was amazing!!! Of course, I put my short summary online! Here it is:

I love the Twilight saga and I can’t wait until I see New Moon in cinema!!! I read that your book is like Twilight and this was a reason for me to read it. Your book is NOT like Twilight. There are no vampires and no werewolves, but I enjoed it very, very, very much!!! Julian is really special and now I have hope that he and his family are true and are between us, people!!! That is amazing!

As I read about your book, I thought it won’t be better than Twilight is, because Twilight rulez and Edward is the best!!! As I read first chapters of your book, I wanted to read more, and more, and more. So I read. I read the whole book, once more from the beginning (it’s not beginning, that’s poetry!!!) and I felt in love with Julian!!! He is so special and magnificent and charming!!! I love the way he protects Mia and his own family and I was so sad when I read the end. I hope for more!!! Now, I am not only Twilight-addicted, but Lovefool-addicted, too! And this is your fault!!! Now, I don’t know whether I should settle down in Warsaw or somewhere on Mazury to meet Julian and Mia 😉

It is such a great story and it is very easy to read (I am not the English speaker, I am from Sopot, Poland) How did you come to this idea? I like that you described Warsaw and a piece of Poland. It is great!!! I like you style very much, because it is poetry!!!! It is love and I dream because of having such feeling!

I am so happy that I was the first person who read your book and I thank you for your promise to send me a postcard from Rom!!! I never have been there! I wait already now for hearing from you!!! When do you come to Poland?

Sunny greetings from Poland!!!!

PS. I deleted my other questions because of the following book, because there are so many details I don’t want to say here. Everyone should read it and don’t know what will happen!!!!