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Because of the first situation, I was furious, disappointed, I took myself to my own borders and I am still politically correct and diplomatic as always. Otherwise, I would be on the lost position from the very beginning. Dead man is always walking on the completely thin red line. It is the 4th degree of danger. Damn it.

Because of the situation number two, which is overwhelming the previous statement with a great shadow, I feel powerless. And it hurts mostly. I am throwing myself inside of me. I am walking on the thin ice. Dead woman is walking instead of me. I am curious when it all crashes down. Scratches are there for a long time.

Thousands of words, millions of associations, lack of sense in the whole chaos and I am looking for some emotions anyway. Today I do not feel much. I feel empty inside and outside of me. I left him now which echoes through eternity. I am feeling a great nothing. I see just blood on the snow and logically seen I know it is my blood. Cogito ergo sum, I think, therefore I am. I suppose you can still see a shadow of me. Let me die. Let me rest in peace. There is nothing of me anywhere. I cannot live like this any more.

Then I thought I needed one minute to notice him, one hour to judge him and one day to fall in love with him. Now I need the whole eternity to forget him. I do not have so much time. I am dying now. I love him and I am dying.

I’ve never been in love with a super natural creature like Julian before, but therefore, I feel like I met him more than once. It seems I am a victim of Italian young author Amalia Angellinni and her first novel, LOVEFOOL, a sensitive, gentle, inspiring, great romance with deepness of the greatest writers ever. It is not yet as well-known as other great books, but I am sure it will be the case soon. It is romantic, but not too sweet. It is not another teenager novel, it is a story for adults and youth, women and men. The idea behind it with a supernatural creatures like Julian and his family is fabulous, magnificent and I easily believe it or I want to believe, because it gives hope and dreams.

Many compared it already with TWILIGHT and wrote that LOVEFOOL is even better. I definitely agree.

Mia is like Bella Swan an awkward seventeen year old girl, who tries not to catch attention, although she is quite interesting for all people she meets. She is very self-conscious and sporty, she loves running and tries not to be in contact with anyone. She wants to protect her surrounding from her past that captures her one day once more. She has some bad feelings and her worst case scenario is even worse than she thought.

In a very complicated situation and although she is scared and insecure, she lets herself fall into two relationships. The first one is a great connection with Sebastian, a human, who felt in love with her. Mia feels connection between them, but she let herself fall very slowly and rather step by step than uncontrolled. Sebastian describes his strategy by knowing her better as “taming Mia”. She is very attractive to him and his feelings overwhelm him more and more.

The second relationship is a connection between Mia and Julian. Julian is something more than a human, but there is no word that could describe him. His magnificent kind of being and the philosophy behind him are so great that I can’t summarize it. You have to read about it. It’s magical.

Julian is very experienced in contacts with people, but as he meets Mia he discovers a new range and intensity of feelings. She is his fate and he has to protect her. He knows that Mia hides some secrets, but he doesn’t want to push Mia to tell him everything. He wants to give her time. But there is no time. Mia’s past comes back in form of a cruel Jonas and he puts them both in danger, physically and emotionally. It is an awesome story and watching how it develops is just great, amazing and magnificent.

I liked the language: it was sometimes so poetical and magical, but not sweet like chocolate. And Mia doesn’t always underlines how beautiful Julian is. We know it already. (This was the weakness by TWILIGHT; Bella always says how great Edward is and it is simply too much!!!). Young writer Amalia Angellinni shows furthermore some details, but she let the reader to imagine the rest of pieces. The whole story is like a puzzle and the reader has to put them all together. In the end, you expect to have the entire picture, but there is just a great surprise. I didn’t expect the end that just blew me off. Therefore, I wait impatiently for the second part of the story.

Upon discovering that author, Amalia Angellinni, is a student and young girl, I was amazed. Her style of writing is relaxed while channelling all the appropriate emotions, sucking her audience into this beautiful story of more than just true love. Because of her Polish grandpa, Angellinni put the action of her first book in Europe, mostly in Poland. You can discover Warsaw and some other places in Poland. The descriptions are in the background, but you still feel the magnificence of places and feelings. I would like to go to Warsaw and find the tea house that was described in this book. It is a magical place. I would go every time to SUNSHINE, the club of Julian with its unbelievable style of Picasso and other surrealists. Angellinni gives sometimes very deeply descriptions of things and places and it don’t disturb the action. (Mostly I don’t like many descriptions and there are not so many of them, but they are very interesting and intensive!).

Furthermore, Angellinni gave every chapter a title of songs she liked and in this way, a soundtrack for this book was made and it allowed me to follow emotions and feelings better than in case of other books. Some songs I discovered while reading and some songs got a new dimension for me while I read.

I truly, madly, deeply advise to read this story and I hope you will love it the same way I love it. The magical atmosphere of this book is with me the whole time, because you can easily imagine that Julian and his family are between us. I proudly can admit that I am one of first fans of LOVEFOOL and I can easily imagine that we will discover a LOVEFOOL WAVE soon.

So, if you liked TWILIGHT and you are upset, because the saga is finished, start reading LOVEFOOL and you won’t be disappointed. It is a further increase in things called love, friendship and fate.

PS. After I talked with Amalia @Facebook I know that the second part of book will take place among all in the USA and Italy. I am curious where she puts main characters and how magnificent she will describe these places!