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It wasn’t like losing your favourite book, which you had borrowed to someone, who never gave it back to you, or like deleting an important file from a computer. We would consider these disasters as Armageddon in our times. But today, you can backup your files, buy new computer, or even create everything anew in the worst case. We forget that we can lose more valuable things that give sense to our life: a best friend by not liking his new girlfriend, a grandfather after he lost his battle with cancer, a father in a car crash on a busy street, a mother through the consequences of a accident at home or the person you are in love with through various reasons in general.

Marcus Lucius loss was irreplaceable, unrecoverable. He had lost his wife. If a person you love dies, the entire world is not the same place anymore. You can’t restore the living creation – neither by memorizing nor by replacing the person with other people. There is no remedy to return to the world experienced before.

Sometimes, you think about dying and losing your life, but you don’t really follow it seriously, until you lose someone you love. Death was his companion already. He had already lost many soldiers on his way. He took part in a dozen of ambushes and he saw many deadly wounded and killed. He was injured once, too, but it wasn’t serious. In the end, he survived. Now, he wanted to be dead, but there was no battle to die in honour. There was even no real, probable perspective for a battle. There were only chances for living the sad, miserable life with no goal.

Jafna , Sri Lanka

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