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Yes, I have been writing, really. However, it’s not as easy as I thought. I have so many fix conceptions, scenes and dialogs in my mind, but I can’t find time and place to write it all down freely.

The conception of Lovefool is already set and what is not fix are the details. However, these details come from daily rountine of thoughts and made me feel better about what I already wrote.

Writing process is sometimes rather trying to come to be able to write. So I collect any piece of paper I get like tickets, post it or the free space on the adverts in magazines. I wite down my thoughts and impressions. When they are tipped and visible on my notebook screen, I try to finish the ideas I had on the way. It takes time and I manage to be up a half of a night. So yes, I am definitely occupied with Lovefool. 🙂 When I write I don’t get the surrounding around me. It’s rather being next to my characters. I feel their emotions, their struggling, their hopes.

6778004_460s_v2Sometimes coffee is the only medicine that keeps my body awake 😉