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Due to the Lovefool’s anniversary – yes, we published the first part of the book already THREE years ago. Since then, we got so many great book reviews from the entire world! It’s a great adventure to see how the entire work related to preparing the publishing, making the book publically and getting the feedback…

We were excited about your questions to Amalia. From all questions we got from you (in form of a comment at this website or in Social Media or via eMail at lovefool @ scholar-online.eu ), we have chosen the TOP10 and Amalia answered them. The authors of TOP10-Questions got Amalia’s book bundle with a special dedication.

321 Comments to “Lovefool’s anniversary: Special Promotion”

#1 Posted by Sara Betsy (18.10.12 at 01:53 )

If you could what would you change in your book after publishing it and getting the first feedback from your readers?

#2 Posted by Alik V. (18.10.12 at 02:17 )

Do you think that the third part of the adventure you will end up with your adventure of Mia, Sebastian, Govan, and of course Julian or you’ll write next books with them?

#3 Posted by Roberto (18.10.12 at 03:46 )

1. If you could work with any author who would it be?
2. Who is your favourite author and is you writing style similar to theirs?
3. What’s your favorite part of a book?
4. When naming your characters, do you give any thought to the actual meaning?

#4 Posted by M. (18.10.12 at 12:00 )

And if I could ask a question: how much of the content comes from your own imagination, and how much you take from your own life, family life and stories you hear.

#5 Posted by Joasia (19.10.12 at 11:58 )

I once dared to ask a question a writer during a fair, it was a question about her work, and I heard that I can think what I want. It is not her business and it’s not her interest. She writes, and her work has a life of its own. Since then somehow my desire to ask questions passed or at least think twice before I ask. I’m always interested in who you were inspired, what you read, and what are your favorite books (if you have any).

#6 Posted by Hans (19.10.12 at 14:19 )

I have to say that I read your book to see what is my baby girl reading. She was in the Twilight fever and I couldn’t understand why she likes so trashy books. I read your book and found many interesting approaches, even if I am rather beyond your target group. I don’t like romances, but I liked the way you connect different themes. Here my questions:

Which is more difficult for you, writing short stories or novels?

You use some suggestions that direct reader to poetry and cultural issues. Is studying culture helpful for book writers? Do your readers get the all hints you leave them?

What’s the best piece of advice you got when you were starting out as a writer?

#7 Posted by Kathrine (20.10.12 at 00:35 )

I love getting to know authors on a more intimate level and a lot of times an author’s responses can help me determine whether or not I’d like to read the book when I’m reading an interview on someone’s blog. Angellinni’s readers can safely lose themselves in her stories with full confidence that, while she may be weaving a fictional tale with fictional characters around real people who could live today or had lived hundreds of years ago, the underlying reality base is sound.

My Question: Do you sometimes ask yourself whether Julian and members of his family are really present in our, human lives? This construct helps me a lot, even more than religion with all the priests and messengers I could meet easily, to survive the hard moments in my life. And therefore, I thank you very much for it!

#8 Posted by Vaishali (20.10.12 at 04:22 )

When will be released the third part of the trilogy?

#9 Posted by Alizee (20.10.12 at 09:48 )

1. how have your personal experiences affected your writing?
2. what genre of books do you like to read? do you limit yourself to only the genre that you write yourself?
3. is lovefool the first book you wrote?
4. how do you get started with writing a story (as in, how do you start developing the story, how do you get inspired for it)
5. what advice would you give to people who “run out of creativity” when writing?

#10 Posted by Yannik (20.10.12 at 18:57 )

Did you have to do a lot of research for your book? I ask, because you wrote about many different places like worldwide. Were you there already? Do you chose the places and then, you write, or you write and then, you go there? How do you pick up the locations? I visited Poland to see the places you described in Lovefool 1, I found it good and worth visiting. What was it like for you to go there (if you were there)?

#11 Posted by Jeremiah (20.10.12 at 23:13 )

While waiting for my agent to sell my first book, I’m having trouble getting focused on something new, although I have several ideas. I’m afraid to get deeply involved in something new and have to stop and rewrite the sold book. When you first started writing, did you ever have such a problem? If so, how did you handle it?

#12 Posted by Ivan (21.10.12 at 07:40 )

You put classic question: if the man is good. Do you believe in people? Do you trust people? Or are you rather like Mia in her first years?

#13 Posted by Mia (21.10.12 at 22:04 )

How long have you wrote the first part of the Trilogy?

#14 Posted by Julie (22.10.12 at 00:17 )

When you started writing the first book (Lovefool), did you know that this is not the end of your adventures of Mia, Sebastian and Julian, and how did you decide to divide the single parts of it? Did you know how it all ends as you started writing?

#15 Posted by Shilpa (22.10.12 at 08:20 )

How long have you wrote the first part of the Trilogy?

Do you always write with music in the background?

How do you come to the songs you mention in the soundtrack?

Where does your ideas for your books come?

Do you have any advice for upcoming writers?

#16 Posted by Martha (22.10.12 at 13:35 )

Do you write by hand?
Do you do a lot of notes?
Do you paint something when you don’t have any power or joy to write?

#17 Posted by Patrick (22.10.12 at 16:08 )

When creating characters you form them on people you know, or you create them from scratch?

#18 Posted by Marketta (23.10.12 at 13:34 )

Do you practice any particular ritual before or during the writing?
How did you learn to write?

#19 Posted by Dean J. (23.10.12 at 19:54 )

When do you write, like, during the day or at night?
Do you use a special pen or a pencil, or like a typewriter?

#20 Posted by Tomasz (25.10.12 at 11:15 )

Your books are amazing how you get ideas on it?

#21 Posted by Pam (25.10.12 at 22:52 )

Did you ever think you’d ever become an author?
Which places did you visit that you described in your books and which are still on your list of places to visit?
How do you make the soundtracks to your books? Do you always write a chapter just with the song you foresee for the chapter or do you change it?

#22 Posted by Jenny (26.10.12 at 01:42 )

What is for you writing? What role plays it?

#23 Posted by Daniel (26.10.12 at 02:44 )

Would you like to write a book about the life of my mother?
The case is amazing, extraordinary. It’s a story of a woman – a strong, full of love, kindness, insight, who after many years of fighting for her and me, for our lives as victims of her husband, my father, with whom she spent 20 years of marriage. He was murdered, she was accused of the crime. She was innocent, but got convicted.

#24 Posted by Ron (26.10.12 at 12:43 )

Where do you write your book? Wherever possible? In airplanes and restaurants?

#25 Posted by Mary B. (26.10.12 at 14:09 )

I love your cover design. Did you chose it yourself or was it any influence from other people?

Your writing is world class and belongs on the shelf along with the literary greats. How did it influence you while writing? Did Lovefoool change you? How far?

What is your most beloved place in the world where you would spend the most of your time.

Why LOVEFOOL? The book is not only about love!

What was the very first feedback from an unknown person that wrote you a book review? How was it like?

#26 Posted by Constantine (26.10.12 at 17:08 )

What are your favorite books?
What you have for breakfast?

#27 Posted by SkyFall (26.10.12 at 17:15 )

Hi Amalia,

I have just one question I want to ask:

Do you listen to anyone who says along the lines something like “That does not sound so good, rewrite it” or “the character is good, but it is too flat or too detailed”?

br! :))))

#28 Posted by Marley (26.10.12 at 17:16 )

What is your favorite TV series? What movies you watch?

#29 Posted by Ivy (27.10.12 at 11:52 )

I’ve read the book and I loved it. I like the campaign. My question is: how does your day when you have free? Then you write the book? Film backing on what you have come this far and everything is fixed and you fill the gaps?

#30 Posted by Rea (27.10.12 at 12:11 )

Is planned to make movies based on your trilogy? I heard about that a lot of different information.

#31 Posted by Hemant (27.10.12 at 12:25 )

What the hell you smoked, when you invented the Third Wiseman???

#32 Posted by Anka (27.10.12 at 12:38 )

How far the story described in the book Lovefool is true?

#33 Posted by Sandra (27.10.12 at 17:21 )

I would be interested primarily, how she was able to inspire a publisher for her story. Additionally, it would be interesting to know if she has ever read literature about how to write, and which of these books, if ever needed, she can advice.

#34 Posted by Will (27.10.12 at 19:17 )

I’m curious what does she do when she does not write?

#35 Posted by Reneé (27.10.12 at 19:44 )

Richard Dawkins a few years ago wrote his book “The God Delusion”. Then appeared Dawkins new book, “The Creation Lie”. In many books, there is general criticism of God that gets virtually broken down into the different religions. Because no believer believes in a general God, but always in the god or gods of his own religion, what god do you believe?

In your book, it’s all about the Christian God, I suppose, because you already noted that you are Catholic. Your book is a lesson for all religions? If you read the title nobody can foresee that it is not only about love between people, but about the love to God. The reader knows not where you take him/her. Why are there so many biblical influences in your book? Why do you present the Wiseman? Who is the so called Third Wiseman? Is it God himself? Is it an angel?

#36 Posted by Will (27.10.12 at 20:49 )

I’m curious whether and to what extent she is forced to change her texts.
Furthermore, I would want to know if she can raise an objection, and in how far she has to change the texts.

#37 Posted by Petra (27.10.12 at 21:04 )

So I would like to know:
She thinks actively about his stories, to get ideas?
She writes with or without a general plot?
How exactly is the process of creating her finished stories?
Where does she write? With what kind of pen? Or on PC?
What does she do against pauses in writing?

#38 Posted by EvaP. (27.10.12 at 23:37 )

Are there days when she writes nothing at all and then days, when she can not get away from her desk, because she has to write?
Did she wanted from the beginning to be writer? Or was there other profession that she was interested to do?
At how many publishing houses she has been trying to get publish her first book?
How she decided to publish her book by Scholar?
Is Amalia Angellinni her real name?
Is your family knowing, that she is a popular writer?

#39 Posted by Bruce (28.10.12 at 00:07 )

My questions:

1 Why do you write?
2 When did you started writing? Was there a special moment that pushed you?
3 What is your daily routine? Do you have fixed working hours?
4 Do you still have a “real” job? If so, how can you do that together?
5 Have you always enjoyed writing? Are there any annoying moments?

#40 Posted by Jack (28.10.12 at 01:18 )

What do you like particularly?

What sentence do you hate the most?

Why are you laughing? What is funny for you?

#41 Posted by Jenni-Fer (28.10.12 at 02:11 )

I’m curious how well she finds herself. Does she try to hide in the mas of people like Mia?

I’m curious if she like her own book always or is it something she would change after publishing?

And I’m curious if she writes about things that she wants, or if she was targeted because of the market wishes.

#42 Posted by Cody Pi (28.10.12 at 05:06 )

Do you have a wisdom or favorite quote?

As a kid, you wanted to be like. . .?

What for you is a temptation?

With whom would you like to change for one day?

#43 Posted by Janusz K. (28.10.12 at 08:46 )

How the Christians their God created we know from Bible. Is Lovefool a new Bible? Why do you fight against the Catholic religion?

You don’t mention any devil. Why?

Why you wrote the book?

#44 Posted by Tanja (28.10.12 at 09:33 )

So I would be interested in what she is creating first: the story or the characters?
Who is her favorite author and what is her favorite book?
Which character from her own books she likes the most and why?
Will she be a friend of Mia, if Mia would be real?
Feels Amalia like fool of love sometimes?
How was she inspired to write? Where she got the story?
What she believes, because her story is new religion. Is it what she believes?

#45 Posted by Maraike (28.10.12 at 10:05 )

What time of day do you write and why?
While you are wearing, as Jo March, certain clothes?

#46 Posted by Julianne (28.10.12 at 11:54 )

Who robbed in the current education crisis actually whom – who is the perpetrator and who sacrifice? The books we read get more and more superficial, we can not find good works so quickly in the mass of bad books. Asking google doesn’t help much and the top 100 of sold books show that we don’t read many good things anymore. Do you think that your book is a good literature or the bad literature? Where do you see the yourself?

#47 Posted by RealMia (28.10.12 at 13:12 )

Do she really knows her characters all by heart in all details?

#48 Posted by SkyFall (28.10.12 at 17:13 )

If I could ask Amalia anything, then it would be these two questions:

1) Does she still know all her stories and characters?
2) Who are her first trial reader?

#49 Posted by Sharon (28.10.12 at 19:28 )

What makes you think of a good book?

#50 Posted by Rocky (28.10.12 at 19:30 )

to grab a pen, to search for motives, book writing, book saling – it’s not that easy probably. how do you manage it all?

#51 Posted by Anneczka (28.10.12 at 20:01 )

I believe many factors play a role, but a very important is originality. Now there are so many stories, because we do not always read the same thing and look for a story that stands out from the others. I like good books whenever something exciting happens and you can empathize well with the main character. How do you empathize with Mia? Or Julian? Or Sebastian? Or Govan? Or Third Wiseman?

#52 Posted by Anka W. (28.10.12 at 23:50 )

Marcus Tullius Cicero wrote “A sure friend is the one in uncertain time.” Do you have some really good friends? How long you know them?

#53 Posted by Rocky (29.10.12 at 03:28 )

How do you celebrate when your book is published?

#54 Posted by AliceFromHellYea (29.10.12 at 10:36 )

Can I write to you? Will I answer? Please describe your characters with your words.

#55 Posted by José (29.10.12 at 12:13 )

How autobiographical is your stuff? Is there anything autobiographical there?

#56 Posted by Percy (29.10.12 at 19:02 )

Lovefool 1, Lovefool 2, Lovefool 3. The entire trilogy. What’s next?

#57 Posted by Lady In Blue (29.10.12 at 19:57 )

How did you like Warsaw? Was it the way you expected as your Grandfather told you or was it something different?

If you could meet any person in the world, who would it be? (Or make a Top3)

#58 Posted by Paryszanka (29.10.12 at 21:04 )

Are you going to / want to write a completely different book genres than you wrote?

What songs do you currently hear? You list many different artists, from the classic to the stars of today. You wrote “Her voice was so beautiful and warm, he could listen to it for the whole eternity. He could hear her speaking for the whole time. Listening to her was like listening to his favourite music. She was like Tchaikovsky’s violin and piano concerts or music by Dvorak. And then, just a minute later, she was like Black Eyed Peas and Rihanna or like James Bond’s Martini: Shaken, not stirred.” Who is your favourite musician of all times?

#59 Posted by Paulina (29.10.12 at 21:52 )

Do you plan audiobooks? I love audiobooks, because I can hear them when I am in bus on the way to work.

#60 Posted by Ronny (29.10.12 at 23:31 )

book writing – it is rather a nice side income? or mission? or passion?

#61 Posted by Patrycja (30.10.12 at 00:56 )

The world is a book. Those who do not travel see only one page. How many pages do you already saw and which are the places you wish to see?

#62 Posted by Anka P. (30.10.12 at 16:48 )

Your book can lead people to fall into a crisis of faith or create a new religion. I think that your construction is good. I think that species like Julian and Third Wiseman are needed in our times and I like the idea. How can I combine it with the construction of Bible? For whom her book is written?

#63 Posted by ryan, AL (30.10.12 at 20:03 )

for me already banal things like the book title play an important role to chose what i read. the title can decide on the first impression of the book. how did you chose the cover and why did you called your trilogy “lovefool”??

#64 Posted by Drew (30.10.12 at 20:14 )

Was Lovefool the first book you wrote?
How do you like Lovefool?
How were you inspired?
What kind of books do you read?

#65 Posted by VoiceUKfan (30.10.12 at 22:08 )

Is it true that Ania Kowalska / Mia was Amalia herself?

#66 Posted by KaroLina (31.10.12 at 09:17 )

Unfortunately, Christianity has a very inglorious contribution in the destruction and annihilation of cultures, which were conquered. The disagreements between religions and within single religions only prove that we need them. We need to believe something.
My question: Is LOVEFOOL a try to describe your vision of an ideal world, of course, regarding the arguments that both sides (believers and nonbelievers) would present?

#67 Posted by J.J. (31.10.12 at 19:17 )

I find books that are predictable, boring, but Lovefool wasn’t boring, because I didn’t know what happens with Sebastian after Mia and Julian come together. Was is easy to make a choice for Mia? Who do you like more: Sebastian or Julian or Govan? How will the story end?

#68 Posted by JoAnna (31.10.12 at 19:35 )

– Was it Long to write one book?

– What made ​​you started writing?

– When she started writing?

#69 Posted by Ewelina D. (01.11.12 at 00:29 )

First When you decide to putting the pieces of newly written books? You give your publisher all at once or the pieces of writing?

Second do you believe in god? your books show other picture of god that the Catholic Church shows.

3rd how you collect songs to your chapters / soundtracks?

4th why Mia and Sebastian live in our day and not past?

5th how did you get in your idea to write this book?

#70 Posted by NoDoubt (01.11.12 at 01:01 )

What advice would you give to someone who wants to write something worthwhile from own life, but when the person is not sure of his “writing skills”?

#71 Posted by Patrycja W. (01.11.12 at 10:44 )

What do you learn from the stories of the Bible? How much you believe in God? What existentional question bother you the most? What relations connect you with Third Wiseman? What do you think about the atmosphere of the friendship between characters?

#72 Posted by Michaela (01.11.12 at 15:37 )

How much for you is “Lovefool” a universal drama transferring general content?

#73 Posted by Kasiek (01.11.12 at 18:53 )

I read the last few books in the field of fantasy, about vampires, etc, and I’m not satisfied. In a series of books about Mia, Sebastian and Julian author goes on – well – a higher level. Is the third part of the trilogy better in this respect? Lovefool has a very good, fascinating plot and a good humor – again! – level is high.

#74 Posted by Anne (01.11.12 at 19:59 )

You see The Bible as a source of moral truths? Because you use the basic of The Bible and convert it with your story.

If you write about theme of love: what books are you using as inspiration?

#75 Posted by Catha (01.11.12 at 20:32 )

Is grandma Zofia existing for real???

#76 Posted by Klocia (01.11.12 at 23:06 )

I appreciate very much that my friend encouraged me to read books Angellinni that are simply amazing. I think Amalia is amazing. What kind of person are you, Amalia?

#77 Posted by Macy (01.11.12 at 23:52 )


I ask the question about favorite books. Are there any writers (or titles) that serves as inspiration, a particularly popular species?


“Mia, we all have our destination. We can influence some processes, but we cannot influence the circle of life. I am growing older as well. However, a human lifetime is in average 60-80 years and mine is much, much longer.”

Julian says. What would you do if you would have so much time as Julian, govan and the rest of their family?


“The entire world is full of energy. (…) Apparently, you can absorb some individual skills of people in this way, but I am not sure. We never practised it. It was part of our agreement with humans. (…) Sometimes people say that a special feeling is in the air. It is energy. Some people can sense it more, some less. Nevertheless, with every step I take, I absorb the energy I need to live from earth and space, water, air and wind, and fire. In addition, we have another element, namely time. Time is our Fifth Element. People underestimate time and we value it a lot.

Where do you see the most of energy you need? How precious is your free time to you?

#78 Posted by XxX (02.11.12 at 04:09 )

Why is the main character in a novel called Mia? How you find names for your characters? Are there any real people you connect with your characters?

#79 Posted by Vandama S. (02.11.12 at 05:48 )

In the book, the main characters moves from Warsaw to New York, do you too currently live in the U.S.A. or was it intentional or incident ? Why New York? You describe the places unique, do you visit the places before ?

#80 Posted by Zuzka (02.11.12 at 06:34 )

1 How many you wrote the longest time without a break?
2 What was your longest break in writing?
3 Which part of the book is your favourite and why?
4 Which scene is your favourite and why?

#81 Posted by Madzia (02.11.12 at 07:45 )

1 What lady you wrote inspired by the story of Mia, Julian, Sebastian?

2 How much time she wrote the first part of the book you Lovefool?

3 How much family support you writing a book?

4 How much you’re proud of yourself after writing these books?

5 How old were you when you started writing the first book? Whether it was a Lovefooll?
6th which is part of Lovefool you most proud of?

#82 Posted by Xstine (02.11.12 at 09:01 )

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

How you deal with critic remarks about your books or characters? (Are there any critical remarks?)

What you change, if you could change in your books when they are published already?

#83 Posted by EverAfter (02.11.12 at 11:36 )

Waht do you like the most while writing?

#84 Posted by Mirek (02.11.12 at 13:03 )

Which Pole you appreciate the most? How did you like in Poland? What surprise you in Poland?

#85 Posted by XxX (02.11.12 at 13:12 )

I loved the prologues. I loved the books. My questions:

Is the book are any topics related to your life?
Where I could possibly meet you?
Who read your book at first? (in general: the first person, that read your book)

#86 Posted by Marta (02.11.12 at 16:33 )

Do you plan to meet the fans somewhere? Would you sign an authograph?

#87 Posted by Ronja (02.11.12 at 20:30 )

You write so beautifully and I love your sentences like

It was a strange feeling and hard to describe – how do you describe a feeling anyway – but Mia was almost a part of the book she was reading aloud.


“She was now a cacophonic sound in the music river of human rhapsody.” This is up to now the most quoted sentence I used from your books.

I love it. What I wanted to ask: You wrote:

As she was reading aloud, she forgot about the entire world, and reality around her was further away than the things she was reading. She got the impression to know these lands, she had never seen before and to know the knights she had never met. Mia did not remember since when she discovered this gift, but as far as she could remember it has been there all her life.

Do you feel that way when you read the books yourself? Which books do you read?

#88 Posted by Kaska, Olsztyn (02.11.12 at 23:22 )

What do you believe in?

What is important for you when you write? Do you drink tea or coffee or Red Bull or do you write it on the jump?

#89 Posted by P. (03.11.12 at 00:11 )

I love your expressions like e.g. “It was blackly funny like the Monty Python movies.” I often use them at work or while talking with friends. Do you write them from your mind or do you take them from any talks, papers, books or any kind of surrounding?

#90 Posted by LittleBird (03.11.12 at 02:56 )

“The first Wiseman is ‘The One Who Is the Light, Enlightenment, Solution’ and the second one is ‘The One Who Is Everywhere’. In addition, the Wisemen confirmed there is the third Wiseman, who is ‘The One Who Is Every Time’. It was quite hard to explain their names, because they have much more meanings than Julian already mentioned to Mia.”

What would you talk about with the three Wisemen?

#91 Posted by ThreeLeaves (03.11.12 at 04:15 )

If a movie maker would make a movie based on your books, would you like to influence the end result (by e.g. choosing actors, music, scenes) or would you like to be surprised with the end result?

#92 Posted by Jay-D (03.11.12 at 09:58 )

What is more important to you literature, or music?
Are you currently working on another book?
You wrote “Timeless is our life. Don’t forget about it.” How do you mean it for yourself?

#93 Posted by Jules (03.11.12 at 10:19 )

Don’t you like technology? Because you wrote:

“Mia stayed frozen. She hadn’t any cell phone. She looked at head-hunter’s smart phone. It was a Blackberry, Blueberry or another intelligent and stylish solution made by iTelecommunication genies in China with the latest technology from the best developed countries.”

What cell phone do you use and do you take it everywhere with you? What is important for you, when you think about technology?

#94 Posted by Marysia (03.11.12 at 22:10 )

What do you do in your free time?

Which book author would you like to meet personally?

Which movie you saw lately and how you liked it?

What is the most hated thing you have to do in the kitchen?

#95 Posted by Marta (04.11.12 at 00:37 )

* What do you plan while writing a book?
* How long does it take to write one chapter or one part of the Trilogy?

#96 Posted by Betsy (04.11.12 at 01:23 )

Serenity and drama – What do you think of hearing it? How the idea of a new book or new character catches you?

#97 Posted by Jasmine (04.11.12 at 02:19 )

I am almost speechless, I am beyond myself, lost there in a timeless dream of your books! Thanks for writing them all and giving hopes, great moments and incredible emotions! Which emotions do you convey with your work after you’ve published it?

#98 Posted by Birgit (04.11.12 at 05:07 )

I love Neil Gaiman, either writing, speaking, or singing! I love your style of writing, too. It’s fresh and full of lyrcis. He said once that everybody has a secret world inside them. Is one of your world the one you describe in the books?

#99 Posted by Claudyna (04.11.12 at 05:09 )

In one of the interviews you said that your grandfather read you books. Which characters from which books are the most fascinating for you today and which you don’t like anymore?

How did you liked Warsaw and what did you saw there (which places)?

Who is the person who read the first draft of your new book? A friend? A publisher?

#100 Posted by Chelle (04.11.12 at 08:33 )

You are not the mistakes you made. Which mistakes were needed to be the person you are?

#101 Posted by Kinga (04.11.12 at 11:13 )

Do you often go to concerts and which music do you listen live? Which artist you would like to listen live?

What is writing for you?

Do your friends from work know that you’re a book writer?

If your book would be made to a movie, which actors you would like to have to play Mia, Sebastian, Julian, Govan, Xenia and The Third Wiseman?

#102 Posted by Nusrat (04.11.12 at 12:30 )

What is your favourite song ever ever?
How do you chose the titles for your chapters? (How do you create the soundtracks)?

#103 Posted by Kim (04.11.12 at 23:13 )

Emerson said “The good writer seems to be writing about himself, but has his eye always on that thread of the Universe which runs through himself & all things.”

How much you is in your books?

#104 Posted by Justin (05.11.12 at 05:15 )

Do You Eat Breakfast?? (Coffee doesn’t count! I know, I know: How can coffee not count, but just ignore the coffee!)

#105 Posted by Vemon (05.11.12 at 09:29 )

If you would be Mia, who would you choose?
If you could visit any place in the world, what would it be?
If you could meet the Third Wiseman, what would you ask him?

#106 Posted by Rodolphe (05.11.12 at 19:52 )

Successful writers are always passionate about what they do because they tend to create books around the things they enjoy. Do you enjoy writing always or are there moments, when you hate it? How do you deal with any criticism?

#107 Posted by Mark (06.11.12 at 07:19 )

Different people will take different things from your books. What do you think is important for them to know before they start readng your books?

#108 Posted by Cam S., NY (06.11.12 at 09:32 )

What gives us, humans, the authority to declare what is conscious and what is not? Especially that it’s a subject that we still know so little about.
Is it intelligence? Well, some animals, dolphins and chimps, are more intelligent that some humans! Language? Animals have their own means of communication! There are still plethora of studies digging into the issue of consciousness/awareness.
What do you think about it? You wrote that even animals have energy. Are we just being human-centric in our thinking?

#109 Posted by Mitu (06.11.12 at 09:40 )

“Education is a dress-up box of good intentions, swivel-eyed utopianism, cruel competition, guilt, snobbery, wish fulfillment, special pleading, government intervention, bu­reauc­racy, and social engineering”

What was your education and how did you like school? (You know so much about history and culture and music that it’s overwhelming. Did you learn it at school or was it a part of additional education?)

#110 Posted by David (07.11.12 at 09:54 )

Do you know / Are you aware that you have started a RELOVUTION with your new concept of THIRD WISEMAN and the species that live with us, that helps us, that are stronger than we are?

#111 Posted by Nasrin (07.11.12 at 10:08 )

Public phones are outdated due to cellular phones. What do you think about the technological progress that we experience every day?

#112 Posted by Eddie (07.11.12 at 16:19 )

Do you like street art?

#113 Posted by Laura (07.11.12 at 22:04 )

“Arrogance has to be earned. Tell me what you’ve done to earn yours.” – Gregory House, House M.D

How arrogant you became after you published your books and got a lot of compliments and good reviews?

#114 Posted by Amy (09.11.12 at 09:52 )

Do you intend to publish anymore short stories? I liked the short stories very much!!

#115 Posted by Horatio (09.11.12 at 11:45 )

I’m curious about whether or not you would like to influence who would write the screenplay to your book. Do you have any wishes according the screenplay writer, movie director or actors. Would you rather have a romantic movie or rather underline the action in your book? Would you use the opportunity to visit a movie set?

#116 Posted by TheQueenRedBerry (09.11.12 at 12:49 )

I am sure that many people out there read a vast amount of books. To say that those that write novels are not inspired by another writers work is a lie. Often something we read will stay with us for a long time and in time we will even forget where we once heard or read it. These thoughts or ideas will over time come back to us when we hear something else on similar lines, or when we write something down. When we use these in our written work it is not meant to be thought of as stealing someone elses work. What is your conscious inspiration?

#117 Posted by Morgan (09.11.12 at 19:31 )

How often you hear that somebody is your #1 fan? I love your books, even if I din’t feel being the biggest fan of all. What would you advice the readers to interact with you?

#118 Posted by Julia, Toronto (09.11.12 at 22:17 )

Julian is ferociously attracted to Mia because he had a vision of her in mind and he took care about that vision for centuries. His love is unconditional. Do you believe in such unconditional love or is it rather excluded from the reality? Because the portrait of Julian gives young female readers unrealistic expectations of men, even if Julian is not a human, and he is not even perfect, what I really love, because we have too many almost perfect characters that are unreachable, and even if Mia is not so ordinary as she tries to be.

#119 Posted by Benny (10.11.12 at 02:26 )

What is the most asked question ever you have to answer or you answer?

Do you think people are more open to new experiences when they travel? And why?

#120 Posted by Mara (10.11.12 at 03:44 )

Amalia, you did amazing work. I read your books, becuse I stolen it from my girls (17 and 19 years old). I loved it, maybe even more than they did, because there is a very fine, great idea connected with the special beings protecting and taking care about people, all people, no matter what you believe and what you do in life. Are you at all surprised by the variety in age of your readers? I am already 46 years old and as I gave the book to my friends and they lovd it, too, I knew I am not alone. I think you could be my daugther (because of your age) and I wonder what is your mother like? And unconditionally keep writing!

#121 Posted by Michelle from Chicago (10.11.12 at 05:59 )

I have a lot of favorite moments from reading your books. What was your favorite memory of writing your books and short stories? Which character you like the most and with whom you would like to be a friend? Which character from the saga resembles you the most and why?

#122 Posted by Messy (10.11.12 at 09:16 )

If you could live one scene (for real) from the book, what would it be? Can (and why) you identify with your characters’ thoughts and actions throughout the book?

#123 Posted by Bookie Brooke (10.11.12 at 11:18 )

I wonder do you have any plans for more books related and not related to Lovefool? I heard that you’re writing a new book. What is it about?

#124 Posted by Kathrina (10.11.12 at 14:16 )

What do the covers of the four books stand for? Do you influence the book cover or is it beyond your tasks?

#125 Posted by Ellen P. (11.11.12 at 00:12 )

How do you write in a way that attracts readers of all ages? Are they going to make a LOVEFOOL movie? Throughout the LOVEFOOL saga, there are many different kinds of love between the characters. Do you have a message about love that you want the reader to walk away with? Will Julian and Mia’s story stay a trilogy, or a longer series?

#126 Posted by Ann Kathrin (11.11.12 at 00:31 )

Dearest Amalia, first, thanks for the amazing, magnificent books!

How did you come up with the Lovefool character names, were they random or did you have a reason behind them?

#127 Posted by Angel91 (11.11.12 at 04:21 )

Each character brings something different to the story. What was the biggest challenge for you when you wrote the book? And thanks for the amazing books! Wonderful moments, great words, perfect lyrics!

#128 Posted by Doug (11.11.12 at 05:46 )

I have lot’s of questions. I was so impressed and was really enjoying reading your books, especially Lovefool. As I finished it I was scared that maybe I didn’t unfortunately get your final meaning of this book. Would you please explain it to me?

To what extent is The Third Wiseman responsible for what happens to the beings around him?

What is the most romantic moment between Govan and Mira? Why? Will their love be described more in the third part of the saga?

#129 Posted by RealSteelIv (11.11.12 at 10:20 )

I liked Mia struggling in the second part. Do you often struggle in your real life?

#130 Posted by Leo (11.11.12 at 13:20 )

As for emotions, I think Amalia does a great job by showing the different kinds of love and friendship so amazingly well. I am very curious, when you think of your character like Mia or Govan or read or talk about them, do you still see the people from your first vision and does it influence your imagination anyway? Or has your images of these characters changed over time, especially after you get feedback from your fans? I can’t decide which character i like the most, but Govan is so mixed and complicated that I would like to get more information about him and his girlfriend Mira. I missed Julian in the second part, but i understand the reasons.

#131 Posted by Janina (11.11.12 at 15:16 )

Would it appeal to you to live forever? People write for different reasons. What is yours?

Are you patient? How do you react shortly before your book is published?

Do you write all your novels in English, or do you write some in Italian? Why don’t you publish it in Italian though?

#132 Posted by Dirk (11.11.12 at 21:25 )

Did you think that your books would have such a huge impact on readers? How do you deal with reactions from your fans?
Forgiveness is a basic tenet in the many religions. Which character in your book forgives the most? Who is the most unyielding?
Why would anyone accept a punishment without having committed a crime?
What kind of future do you see for your characters?

#133 Posted by Lindsay D. (12.11.12 at 02:43 )

Who is the happiest character in the novel? The most discontented?

#134 Posted by Vadilson (12.11.12 at 07:35 )

Which writers inspired you the most in context of Lovefool Saga? What did you feel when you finished writing the first two parts of the saga? Are you pleased with the ending of Lovefool trilogy? Do you think it will satisfy your fans? What might your characters symbolize, especially the special beings like Xenia, Govan, Julian, Leonard? How does Mia overcome her suffering?

#135 Posted by Carrie (12.11.12 at 07:37 )

Music is obviously a huge creative influence on you. Has music always been a part of your life?

What Why did you pick the title LOVEFOOL?

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers?

#136 Posted by JD (13.11.12 at 00:09 )

What role does The Third Wiseman play in forming Mia’s and Jonas’s actions?

#137 Posted by Maria Y. (13.11.12 at 03:49 )

What kind of research on places, if any, did you do before writing Lovefool?

#138 Posted by Xavier P. (13.11.12 at 09:18 )

Got any recommendations for books I can read while I’m waiting for the next book to come out?

#139 Posted by Ammie (13.11.12 at 14:22 )

If you were in Julian’s family, what would your special power be?
What character has the most to learn during the course of this saga? Why?

#140 Posted by LeeLee (13.11.12 at 23:46 )

What do you say about honing one’s nature rather than trying to escape it? Do you think perceived faults can be transformed into strengths rather than merely repressed?

#141 Posted by Jules (14.11.12 at 00:11 )

How much time does it take you to write a novel? (from the moment you start writing to the final modifications)

#142 Posted by Susanne (14.11.12 at 05:33 )

In what ways is spiritual success similar to other forms of success? How is it different? Can they be so fundamentally different that they’re not comparable?

#143 Posted by Mikael (14.11.12 at 08:18 )

Do you think that a woman today who made the choices that Mia makes (giving up everything and risking her life to save the love of her life) would receive a more sympathetic or understanding hearing from the media and the general public? Would many other women follow the way she has chosen? Is Mia’s story in general relevant to the men and women of today?

#144 Posted by Sandy J. (14.11.12 at 09:15 )

What did Mia learn at the end of the first book and what will she learn at the end of the third book? The ending of the first novel is purposely ambiguous. What did it mean to you and why? Will the ending of the third part be more clearly? If you believe Julian died, what does that say? I hated you for bringing me into the doubting state of mind!

#145 Posted by Reese (14.11.12 at 09:23 )

Is Mia redeemed?

What is the significance of the Third Wiseman in the novel?

How does he play into the major themes of the novel, love, friendship, faith and going through the life?

#146 Posted by Penny (14.11.12 at 14:25 )

Religions as Christianity or Islam play a large role in lives of many people. Which of your characters seems to lead more of a religious life?

#147 Posted by Yola (14.11.12 at 16:24 )

Did your views on religion affect your way of writing in the Lovefool Saga? Are the characters you wrote about based on any real-life people? Did anyone in your life influence the personalities of the characters?

#148 Posted by Jane (14.11.12 at 22:42 )

I mentioned Mia’s ease at making friends, regardless of where she is. Are you the same kind of people-friendly and contact developing person?

#149 Posted by April (14.11.12 at 23:09 )

Sebastian’s and Julian’s love and friendship relationships change as the novel progresses. Do you use your personal experience to describe such progress or is it just a story you imagined?

#150 Posted by Larissa (15.11.12 at 03:56 )

I wondered what made you choose Italy and Greece, places with a really long history, for the home of Julian’s family? How often were you on the Mount Olympus? Is there a special meaning about Greece in your life or was it a random setting, because you originally comes from Italy?

#151 Posted by Lynni (15.11.12 at 06:11 )

I find it great that the special beings can understand any language of people in the world. How many languages do you speak?

#152 Posted by Tracy (15.11.12 at 07:21 )

We have all a different price we have to pay to fulfill a dream. What is yours? Can you think of examples from your own life when you had to give up something to meet a goal and found the price too high?

#153 Posted by Agnieszka (15.11.12 at 08:27 )

I’m curious about whether or not you would like to write the screenplay for Lovefool or any of the movies? Which actors would you take for the main roles and for the background roles? Who is your favorite composer?

#154 Posted by Troy (15.11.12 at 23:08 )

Your books are a true inspiration. Some of your ideas covered in the books are very visionary and life changing. Thank you for what you do!

My question: Many bestselling authors decide to sell the film rights to your books.Would you do it?

#155 Posted by Naomi (16.11.12 at 01:16 )

Thanks for everything you have thought us. God bless you.

The first part of Lovefool was first published four years ago. Now, some years later, how do you feel your writing style or priorities as a writer have changed over the time? Is writing fulfilling your dream?

#156 Posted by Sharma (16.11.12 at 02:28 )

It’s very difficult to predict how the finished product will be. How do you envision the finished product?

#157 Posted by Jonathan (16.11.12 at 03:10 )

what should you do if you can’t find your personal special being?

#158 Posted by Maja (16.11.12 at 08:39 )

Amalia, I adore your books!!! While writing the books, were you ever unsure of whether Mia would choose Julian or Sebastian or Govan for the very best friend, or did you always know it all would end up in the end? How precious is friendship for you? Is the friendship issue showing that not only love is important in life?

#159 Posted by Xristine, SE (16.11.12 at 09:33 )

I love your books, thank you, thank you, thank you for writing them. What was your favorite memory of writing the first part of saga??

#160 Posted by Andrea (16.11.12 at 10:16 )

How did the orphanage affect the relationship between Mia and her surrounding?

#161 Posted by Fynn (16.11.12 at 16:32 )

Gandhi famously said: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” When does a word (Christian)become unusable? Is the Third Wiseman the God Himself, because God is all powerful, all merciful, and all loving and He knows everything. Do you believe in God at all? That’s how I see it. Of course I saw God in the universe. I saw Him everywhere. My faith was visceral.

#162 Posted by Martha Ann (16.11.12 at 17:04 )

What’s your idea of the afterlife?

#163 Posted by Glendon (16.11.12 at 18:17 )

Men’s friendships is one of central themes you bring. The shifting alliances, confidences, and conflicts among Julian – Sebastian, Julian – Govan are fascinating. How important it is to you to have a good friend? Why?

#164 Posted by Stefan (16.11.12 at 18:57 )

What is at the root of the conflicts between people and the special beings? Will they see each other differently by the end of the book?

#165 Posted by Davide (16.11.12 at 19:20 )

Is it possible to sympathize with the motivations and feelings behind Jonas’s actions? How his personal history affect his life and the choices he made long enough?

#166 Posted by TJ (17.11.12 at 04:02 )

I’ve read somewhere something that has fascinated me. That the Internet is also breeding a new and young culture: the culture of super-communicators. When I think of this new generation I see a new culture all together arising. With membership on Yoututbe, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, you have a good web presence.

Do you manage it all by yourself or do you have help with it?
How do you feel that the Internet is changing the way people have access to art and artists?

#167 Posted by Sean (17.11.12 at 07:34 )

Paulo Coehlo have stated writing his books in time periods of only two to four weeks. Your books, as I assume, need more time. Describe a typical day spent writing.

#168 Posted by Effat M. (17.11.12 at 12:36 )

Lovefool makes us think again about some of the most important issues we ever have to face. We never know exactly what our mission in this world is. King David writes, “The steps of man are directed by God” (Psalms 37:23). Sometimes something seemingly inconsequential can have very important and far yielding results. So our approach to all positive things has to be–perhaps I was created just for this! Mia gets to know what her mission is not at once, but always portioned. The same is with Sebastian, Julian, Govan… Will they struggle in the last part of the trilogy or will it be clear what could happen? I’ve been told that each one of us has a specific, individual mission in life. Do you know what yours is?

#169 Posted by Mary Jane (17.11.12 at 22:02 )

A spectrum of romantic relationships are portrayed in the book. What is the universal message of your books? At what time in your life were you first able to think that you’re maybe a fool of love? Did anything prevent you from falling in love so deeply as your characters?

#170 Posted by George, NY (17.11.12 at 23:10 )

Amalia, you came up with the story for your first book, Lovefool, in a dream. From there, how did you come up with the characters?

How do you feel about being compared to Stephenie Meyer or J.K. Rowling?

#171 Posted by Myra (18.11.12 at 06:13 )

Being a professional writer feels a lot like being a hermit sometimes, so November is always such an awesome month to get out and feel the energy with a bunch of other writers. What are your thoughts/opinions on submitting an unsolicited manuscript to a publishing house?

#172 Posted by Maus (18.11.12 at 13:13 )

All your characters struggle in different ways.
Do you know the best way to find inner resources to continue the journey that is called life?

#173 Posted by Claudius (18.11.12 at 18:33 )

My question is, how do you make choices when you are developing your characters and plot? Sometimes I get so stuck on choosing between this or that characteristic or background or plot point because I worry excessively about losing out on the potential of what I didn’t choose. Do you ever feel this way in your writing and how do you get over it?

#174 Posted by Ricky (18.11.12 at 22:53 )

“Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy.” What is your road? Does it appeal to your characters?

#175 Posted by Veronica (18.11.12 at 23:51 )

I lately read the novel Old Man and the Sea. I found it a bit of ironic. What is the irony in the Lovefool Saga? Do you think that we are The Lost Generation or is it a generation that already passed away?

For the most part the “Lost Generation” defines a sense of moral loss or aimlessness, for example after World Wars, when the world seemed to be destroyed. Many thought that if people would have acted properly, good things would happen.

But so many good young men went to war and died, or returned damaged, both physically and mentally, that their faith in the moral guideposts that had given them hope before, were no longer valid…they were “Lost.”.

Is Mia also lost in that sense masking her general depression behind the forced politeness and smiles?

#176 Posted by Ewa (19.11.12 at 00:28 )

One aspect of many of your stories that’s frequently overlooked is the choice of historical settings. How much research must be done before you’re comfortable writing about these way-back worlds?

#177 Posted by Horatio (19.11.12 at 06:13 )

The message of The LOVEFOOL Saga transcends the definitions of different religions. Is it one of your goals to provoke inter-faith dialogue? What do you believe? How do you distinguish between religion and spirituality?

#178 Posted by Moritz (19.11.12 at 08:24 )

Some see ethical dilemmas as proof that there is no reliable way to decide moral questions. What are ethics? What is morality? How can one behave in a moral manner?

These are among the most difficult and most interesting questions which face people of any age. Today, however, with advancing technology, difficult moral situations come upon us faster than we can even create the questions, much less find the answers.

What is life and what does it mean to be alive?

What is death and is there any “bright line” that allows us to definitively say that someone is no longer alive but is now dead?

Are your books more about who you are as a person, right now, or is more about “what” you are, in the sense of your heritage and cultural background?

#179 Posted by Valentin (19.11.12 at 09:43 )

I love your books, you are a fantastic writer. Writing is a hell of a way to make a living. It only seems easy to those who haven’t tried it. How do you power through writers block? What kind of atmosphere do you like to write in? Your books address the fundamental questions that many of us ask about life, death, love, hate, faith, fate.

#180 Posted by Ruth (19.11.12 at 11:51 )

How often do you travel?

#181 Posted by Gergana (19.11.12 at 13:14 )

You’re having a dinner party and can invite any five people (dead or alive), who would they be?

#182 Posted by Alisa (19.11.12 at 17:43 )

How much rejection did you have to go through with before getting your first novel published and how to you deal with it?

#183 Posted by Arman (19.11.12 at 19:02 )

Are death and suicide a part of the confessional mode of Angellinni? What are in your opinion, Amalia, the most significant features of your work?

#184 Posted by Cassandra (19.11.12 at 20:34 )

As a long-time American feminist, I have always, and fervently, supported the rights of women to throw off the shackles imposed on them and their bodies. I think Lovefool became a nonviolent revolution, a sleeper hit for women. I’ve got it from my friends. The book caught fire figuratively and literally. Mia is a new type of hero, one which does not supplant the old epic hero, but which complements it. Mia is like a commonsense “everyman” approach to problem solving, even when the problems confronting them seem far beyond those with which most people would consider themselves equipped to deal. She is more than a simple human, but less than a special being. What importance of goddess archetypes do you intended to show and what do you think about early matriarchal societies?

#185 Posted by Selena (19.11.12 at 21:07 )

Mia as a human is influencing the fates of both species: the humans and the special beings.
Will the both species be reunited at the end of the book?
How allegorical is the trilogy?
How much power will Mia get at the end and will she survive?
How is Amalia’s (I assume) Christian life reflected in her works through symbols and themes?

„My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews. But now my kingdom is from another place.‎“ Is the Third Wiseman the GOD?

Would you stop the crucifixion of Jesus if you could (assuming that Jesus actually ever existed)? I find it funny, because it presents a real problem. If you wouldn’t, you’re just as bad as the people who killed Jesus and you’re condoning his death, and for extremely selfish reasons, to boot! But if you would, you admit it was an evil thing that you would stop (god’s plan of salvation), and you condemn all humanity to hell. About time travelling: as Stephen Hawking pointed out, “if time travel were possible, we’d be inundated with tourists from the future.”

#186 Posted by J.C. (19.11.12 at 22:14 )

Who are the 5 people you spend the most time with? How can you be like them? Who is/are the most important person(s) to you in the world?

#187 Posted by James (19.11.12 at 23:38 )

As a writer when killing off characters in the books was it hard for you? And how did you get the nerve to just do it?

#188 Posted by Aaron (20.11.12 at 01:36 )

1. Explain the last lines of the first part of the Lovefool trilogy and why did you divide it all into three parts?

2. „Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.‎“ Will Mia destroy Jonas at the end? Did she already destroy him?

#189 Posted by Riyaz (20.11.12 at 01:55 )

the first book i had read of paulo’s was ‘The Alchemist’, which inspired me to read further.. i got The Lovefool Saga as a gift for Christmas last year which surprised me with the text, but i still love the book. You are a warrior of light for me. do you believe in the special species you presented in your book or is it just a beautiful illusion?

#190 Posted by Ciro (20.11.12 at 03:15 )

What really inspired you to write such a wonderful and magical novel. It is so brilliant i can’t imagine it just came out of thin air, there must have been something .What is the point of the place where the Third Wiseman brought Mia and where he made her the wonderful room as she was a child? Does it actually should exist forever? Does it symbolize anything? How did he managed to change the dark matter into such a beautiful room? Is he always coming back there or did he left it after Mia was gone? Why and how was Mia gone / transported into reality?

#191 Posted by Bobbi (20.11.12 at 07:14 )

Ask us no questions and we’ll tell you no lies. How often do you lie? Is writing a form of lie? Two and a half thousand years ago a Greek thinker called Protagoras shocked his contemporaries with the claim that “man is the measure of all things”. How do you look at it when you think about the special beings that should protect or support humans?

#192 Posted by Ahmed (20.11.12 at 09:35 )

What would you advice your fans: should they convert (back) to Christianity or chose your conception? I believe we turn to religion because of an accident or the loss of a loved one, but i read your books and thought about the special beings. I love the idea. Is LOVEFOOL the start of a new religion?

#193 Posted by Nader (20.11.12 at 12:32 )

Superhero stories provide rich examples of psychological phenomena. Is Julian or is rather Mia the superhero? Or Sebastian? They all contribute a lot to the plot, they overstep their skills and powers. They all generally act heroically-is brave and self-sacrificing with no use of masks or costumes. Julian reminds me of a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability. They point societal changes that result from medical and technological changes. The stories illustrate how such advances might change us, and what issues we might encounter as some humans procure these special gifts while others of us don’t. What makes a superhero?

#194 Posted by NobodysPerfect (20.11.12 at 14:18 )

If you were Mia, would you do everything the way she did or would you act differently?

#195 Posted by Daniel (20.11.12 at 16:39 )

What would you stand for if you knew no one would judge you?

Who do you admire most in the world?

#196 Posted by Harry (20.11.12 at 19:01 )

What do you absolutely love in life?

What are your greatest accomplishments in life so far?

#197 Posted by Mersath (20.11.12 at 22:47 )

Christians believe that Christ’s death and resurrection are the triumph of good over evil and of life over death and have opened the gate to eternal life for us. Is Mia a kind of new Messias? Most Christians would describe hell as separation from the love of God. Is the place beyond the reality, where the Third Wiseman is, like hell or rather heaven? You lay readers to the key existential questions of philosophy: Do our lives have meaning? Is death something to be feared? Would it be better to be immortal? What would you answer to these questions?

#198 Posted by Leonard (21.11.12 at 00:13 )

What frightens you? Regardless of your own personal beliefs, what would you say is the most important message of religion?

#199 Posted by Lea (21.11.12 at 01:57 )

Will the third part of the trilogy really the last one? I love the books and wanted to know if you plan on continuing the story line with additional books? Do you ever think about writing a new series of novels about Julian’s family experiences?

#200 Posted by KyleXY (21.11.12 at 03:22 )

did you make up the story as you were writing or was everything planned from the beginning? how will it end? when will you publish the last part of the saga?

#201 Posted by Cooper (21.11.12 at 07:24 )

Nietzsche described the overhuman as follows: “Here man has been overcome at every moment; the concept of the “overman” has here become the greatest reality – whatever was so far considered great in man lies beneath him at an infinite distance.” (Nietzsche 1888, 305.) Nietzsche thought as well that strength was the ultimate good and expressed little sympathy for measures to oblige the strong to subsidize the weak. What do you think about it?

#202 Posted by Emilia (21.11.12 at 09:01 )

The church was established to serve the world with Christ-like love, not to rule the world. It is called to look like a corporate Jesus, dying on the cross for those who crucified him, not a religious version of Caesar. Are you a good Christ or do you follow the rules of Jesus? Why do you think Jesus told the healed man to “show but not to tell?” Lovefool is a very provocative book, if you consider the religious aspect.

#203 Posted by Otylia (21.11.12 at 13:21 )

How do you decide on a new novel? Do your characters speak to you in dreams, or are you randomly inspired by an event in your personal life? Can you reveal a few more tantalizing details about the new exciting book? How much discipline is required when working on a book and how hard or easy is it for you to maintain it? Will the Third Wiseman appear in the new book, too?

#204 Posted by Amy (21.11.12 at 21:05 )

Is there more connection to materialism (any form of entertainment I guess) rather than the human love factor? If materialists can’t love humans, they have to love something right?

#205 Posted by Mahdi (21.11.12 at 22:39 )

Govan, Xenia, Leonard or Julian can do everything that they really love to do even if they have not all the money in the world. What would you probably do, if you would have their skills: travel the world, buy a house or two, and give some money to your family or charity? Then what would you do with your time?

#206 Posted by Uma (21.11.12 at 23:13 )

If you could go back in time to any single moment, and you could only go one time and to one place, when and where would you go? Would you change anything or would you just enjoy watching history unfold?

#207 Posted by Penelope (22.11.12 at 00:29 )

What are the some of cultural and social constructs, rituals customs that define a leader? What are the qualities or characteristics that every leader should have?

#208 Posted by Clarance (22.11.12 at 02:38 )

You let the reader explore strange worlds and endless possibilities. One aspect of Julian, Govan, Leaonard and the rest of the special family is their ability to ‘see’ the moods and health condition in humans. You pushed the readers to their limits to find out what things could have been like if the laws of nature were different. Some animals act differently, when they meet people. Some love you from the very first moment and some nearly bite others. I wonder if that’s how you got the idea and developed it the way it is now.

#209 Posted by Hector (22.11.12 at 04:43 )

Lovefool is a combination of moral insight, giving hope by religious richness and lyric sentences. Angellinni places its characters and its readers on a collision course with modern moral dilemmas of knowledge and power. Angellinni poses these modern problems with absolute ethical principles and a belief in both an overarching providence and the importance of human choice. Will the story end with a happy end or will it be like a Greek tragedy: without happy end?

#210 Posted by Anthonia (22.11.12 at 06:12 )

The soul is the self, the “I” that inhabits the body and acts through it. Without the soul, the body is like a light bulb without electricity, a computer without the software, a space suit with no astronaut inside. With the introduction of the soul, the body acquires life, sight and hearing, thought and speech, intelligence and emotions, will and desire, personality and identity.

How do you see the definition of soul?

Is Mia just a soul when she goes over the magic border between the reality and the place beyond reality?

Ultimately, her soul reunites with the body?

#211 Posted by Sebastian (22.11.12 at 09:52 )

Your books encourages readers to think about simple and complicate things of life. There are many references to literature, film, music, religion and myths. Since the dawn of history, the subject of death and the afterlife has been the great question of human existence. It’s a subject that everyone wonders about.

What lies behind the veil of death?
Is there really life after death?
Is there a place called hell?
What role plays the Third Wiseman and how the special beings help humans to step beyond the line between life and death?

#212 Posted by Drew, Ohio (22.11.12 at 11:23 )

Do you first listen to the music and write or do you first write and then match the music to your chapters? How do you find the songs you list as soundtrack to your book? I think it’s georgous that you thank to all musicians who do music and who you list as inspiration, because often music is underestimated by writers. How do you find new songs? Do your fans and readers give you hints that you take?

#213 Posted by Leon (22.11.12 at 18:18 )

Most of your novels have many historical and cultural details. How does the (seemingly) extensive research involved not detract from the story writing process? What inspired you to choose Poland, Germany and Russia as the setting for the first book and New York for the second book?

#214 Posted by Isaiah (23.11.12 at 00:53 )

Looking at the language that the poet Amalia Angellinni uses in the lines of her work I think it’s rather poem than novel. For me, she articulates her subjectivity in terms of objectivity like Sylvia Plath, however, Amalia writes in an engaging and straightforward style and focuses on commonly pondered issues. Does she break conventions on purpose?

#215 Posted by Gloria (23.11.12 at 07:01 )

You let the reader explore strange worlds and endless possibilities. One aspect of Julian, Govan, Leaonard and the rest of the special family is their ability to ‘see’ the moods and health condition in humans. You pushed the readers to their limits to find out what things could have been like if the laws of nature were different. Some animals act differently, when they meet people. Some love you from the very first moment and some nearly bite others. I wonder if that’s how you got the idea and developed it the way it is now.

#216 Posted by Bella (23.11.12 at 09:34 )

Your book is written IMHO in heat and at speed, but with the talent of the true writer. Do you look at you as a good or a bad influence to the modern culture as a whole?

#217 Posted by Hilary (23.11.12 at 11:50 )

You combine a lean, clear prose based on action and reflections described in lyric. You sometimes leave out essential information of the story to give some input later, and sometimes, you give pieces of information in advance and then, you describe things so great that I feel forced to read further pages. Are you going to start another series similar to Lovefool or with Lovefool’s characters? They are so lovely characters!

#218 Posted by Marcius (23.11.12 at 13:24 )

This morning, I had my tenth encounter of direct bullying towards me as a wheelchair user. I read your books and I thought that it’s very pleasing to have someone, a special being, around me, every now and than. I think that everybody need hope and your books with your characters and your plots were the help I needed in my first days after the incident. Where du you take the energy to write about so many beautiful places and being? I know that your characters have mostly a hard way behind them, but it also gives the hope to live further, because a good day might come. You don’t get depression. You’re dreaming. And it’s time that attitudes like this start changing. Do you know how much energy you spread around you with the books?

#219 Posted by Olga (23.11.12 at 14:41 )

Are you going to write about Mia after she finishes her mission and what is her mission in detail?

#220 Posted by Carla (23.11.12 at 18:07 )

Is Mia being selfish to put her own happiness and fulfillment first, before Sebastian’s wealth and love?

#221 Posted by Michal (23.11.12 at 22:11 )

Was there anyone particularly influential in, or supportive of, your writing? What is the easiest aspect of writing and what is the most difficult (like finding a publisher or agent)?

#222 Posted by Xeno (24.11.12 at 01:53 )

What bad habits do you want to break?

How often do you experienced a sunset or a sunrise? Fall asleep on grassy plains?

#223 Posted by Bill (24.11.12 at 03:40 )

The act of creation injects hope. Reading your books conveys the hope. What is the genre of your work?

#224 Posted by Ray (24.11.12 at 05:27 )

Thank you for everything that you are. Your writings include and convey emotions and many visual images in very lyric way. Reading all that is so tangible that I feeli connected to the characters and places. Your stories make me addictive and improve my mood. Do you plan on this or does it just flow from you?

#225 Posted by Shamroz (24.11.12 at 09:02 )

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your books? Do you have to travel much concerning your books?

#226 Posted by Khasim (24.11.12 at 11:02 )

People can debate endlessly over which book is the “best” of all time, but finding out which ones have enjoyed the most commercial success should be a more concrete endeavor. We can just look at the sales numbers and rank them. Unfortunately, this turns out to be quite a challenge itself. How do you see yourself compared with best-known authors?

#227 Posted by Aneta (24.11.12 at 13:49 )

I wish that some of the skills found in LF exist in real life. Which skills would you like to have? What do you believe about the dimensions of reality? Is there a parallel world, and are there places where there are gateways into that world, like the gate in Greece in the mountains or the gate in Ireland, where Mia meets Julian for the very first time?

#228 Posted by Tiff (24.11.12 at 14:06 )

I enjoy reading you. Your books helped me dealing with my depression. They gave me new hopes. Your works came into my life and have brought some changes in my life. I didn’t expect it. Where do you take the inspiration and power to write such wonderful stories? Did you had to go through the dangers similar as your characters or is it all your imagination?

#229 Posted by Grace (24.11.12 at 14:33 )

Do you believe in special beings like Third Wiseman? I fell in love with his appearance, his wisdom and grace. Who is yours favorite character?

#230 Posted by Nandlal (24.11.12 at 23:04 )

Who is your favorite actor? How was your school life like? Do you believe in “the one”? What are your friends like?

#231 Posted by Su (24.11.12 at 23:46 )

If you can live anywhere other than now, where would it be?
What do you do in your free time?
What is your most embarrassing moment?
Do you live with a roommate, family or alone?

#232 Posted by Florian (25.11.12 at 00:03 )

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? What books have most influenced your life most? Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?

#233 Posted by Alun (25.11.12 at 02:07 )

Which is the one song that comes to your mind when you think of LOVEFOOL?

What are the two things that you would never agree to do?

Are you chaotic or a control freak?

#234 Posted by Salt (25.11.12 at 03:11 )

1) If you could give the world one piece of advice, what would it be?
2) If you could have a room full of any one thing, what would it be?
3) What do you value most in other people?

#235 Posted by Kol (25.11.12 at 03:39 )

Your book brought me to think about the future, to reflect on the past, to think about today, what a person I am and how much I wish to have such special creatures like Julian and Govan and Xenia around me – and it all made me smile. What’s important to you?

#236 Posted by Liz (25.11.12 at 03:41 )

What made Amalia put Mia with Julius instead of Sebastian, and why wasn’t Sebastian the chosen one?

#237 Posted by Taylor (25.11.12 at 04:17 )

Rum, vodka or beer?

#238 Posted by Emily (25.11.12 at 05:23 )

Your book is amazing! Five stars! It changed my life! And now, my questions:
Are you close with your family?
What is your idea of fun?
Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

#239 Posted by Ming Xi (25.11.12 at 05:58 )

What inspired you to write your first book? How did you come up with the title? Is it partially a reflection on your life? What’s important to you – what are the things you need to do, when you write a book?

#240 Posted by Kerstin (25.11.12 at 06:04 )

Lovefool is a fun, fabulous, reader-friendly book with many different aspects that force the reader to think about. It’s a masterpiece. I would be delighted to ask the book author of the books that have changed my lifestyle. Amalia should be globally celebrated author.

Does popular culture have an important impact on your life? Do you think you create the new thread of the popular culture? Do you regularly go to the movies, or do you prefer to rent movies and watch them at home? Do you maintain a family tradition around certain holidays?

#241 Posted by Cheryl (25.11.12 at 07:15 )

I think that LOVEFOOL is the beginning of a new epoch and new perspective on looking at religions. Why did you choose to go in this direction? I am going to reread that book, very enjoyable, the part 1.

#242 Posted by Cammi (25.11.12 at 08:09 )

Why did Mia never kill herself, even in the most violent moments of Jonas? Hemingway said in a book called Byline, Ernest Hemingway which has recently been reissued “Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter.” Where did it come from? Do you agree with it? Do you like Hemingway?

#243 Posted by Vauro (25.11.12 at 10:23 )

C.S. Lewis published this religious-themed fantasy novel in 1950. Intended as a children’s book, it’s set during World War II and is a classic example of a “magical doorway” story, in which a gate between the normal world and a magical one is discovered. This formula would, of course, be used to great success later by J.K. Rowling. Lew Wallace wrote this biblical tale, publishing it in 1880. It cleverly discusses the life and times of Jesus Christ indirectly, using the protagonist, Judah Ben-Hur, to observe Christ and other aspects of life in that era. Wallace meticulously researched the historical accuracy of the novel. It is credited with popularizing novels in the U.S., since the religious themes made it more palatable to readers at the time. Your Lovefool Trilogy combines many different issues from these all woks and rewrites various aspects of life / death, and religion, and all struggle with people angst and conflicting emotions. Do you think/wish to achieve the same popularity and influence as the mentioned book writers? (I wish you such success with all my heart, because the Lovefool Trilogy is a coming-of-age book.)

#244 Posted by Himitsu (25.11.12 at 11:01 )

Who designed the covers? How much were the covers your ideas? What was the hardest part of writing your book? Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it? Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

#245 Posted by Renata (25.11.12 at 12:37 )

For whatever the reason, two unauthorized movies are made about your book and about life. The first is an independently released documentary, primarily comprised of interviews with people who know you and bootleg footage from your actual life. Critics are describing the documentary as “brutally honest and relentlessly fair.” Meanwhile, Warner Bros or Sony Pictures has produced a big-budget movie based on your book, casting major Hollywood stars to play Mia, Sebastian, Govan, Julian and others. Critics are split on the artistic merits of this fictionalized account, but worldwide audiences love it.

Which film would you be most interested in seeing?

#246 Posted by Julia (25.11.12 at 14:23 )

What’s your favourite song?

What are your feelings regarding ‘God’ and religion?

What extremely difficult life situation have you overcome and how did you do it?

Where do you see yourself in 20 years and what are you doing to achieve this?

#247 Posted by Pea (25.11.12 at 17:45 )

Amalia presents a glorious tour, a rediscovery and celebration of freindship and love but also brutality of the strangers and bad guys. The resulting personal odyssey of Mia involves many other issues and substories, of self-discovery, cultural commentary, and existentional questions. It is an inspiration for anyone in love with the written word. My questions: What makes you really angry? What is your greatest strength?

#248 Posted by Morgan R. (25.11.12 at 17:58 )

This is probably the best story I’ll ever read. A beauty of a book is the story. You decribe a lot of wonderful threads and I wondered whether there are any personal issues in it. What is the most pathetic thing you have done with your life? If you had to give up your life to save someone else – whose life would you save?

#249 Posted by Alfie (25.11.12 at 20:13 )

Amalia Angellinni is right now my favourite, most inspiring author. I just recently finished her outstanding books and wait for the last part of the Lovefool saga! As time passes I added and recommended your inspirational novels, which are helping me to discover my own meaning of life. I am who I am partly because of the books I’ve read. I would be pleased, if I would get answers to my questions:

If you could change one thing about yourself or our books, what would it be?

What is the best advice you’ve ever given and received?

How would you like to die?

#250 Posted by Hannah (25.11.12 at 21:16 )

The concept of time travel has intrigued and gripped generations of readers of H.G. Well’s classic novel The Time Machine (1895), an idea developed further by more recent science fiction writers such as Robert Heinlein and David Gerrold. You adapted the concept and I like it. Why did you decide to describe it the way you did it?

#251 Posted by Paul (26.11.12 at 02:03 )

I read the first book right after it came out, and fell in love. It’s one of the only series where I have a very close bond with the characters. As much as I know it’s not real, I can’t help but feel like I really know the characters. When writing, do you plot your story in advance? How much freedom do you let your characters have once you have decided on the direction that the story will take?

#252 Posted by Rufus (26.11.12 at 02:32 )

What is the best christmas present you could ever receive?
Favorite thing to do alone?

#253 Posted by Kenny (26.11.12 at 05:32 )

I will just tell Amalia that she’s the best writer and i lover her a lot. How personally would Amalia take any adaptations of her novels?

#254 Posted by Eileen (26.11.12 at 05:44 )

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Has money ever been a factor for you in the breakup of a relationship? Why people feel so often deeply insecure in a relationship? Will Mia marry Julian at the end of the story? How important is it that you always look your best?

#255 Posted by Kate W. (26.11.12 at 08:54 )

i have studied many religions in depth for years and could not find coherent explanations that made sense. i like your conception, because it coincides with much of the conclusions i reached on my own. it is simply logical. i often contemplate on the essoteric, and then form conclusions that make sense to me. it is like the only religion that makes metaphysical and moral sense. wandering in the wilderness can bring one to truth if they keep seeking.

#256 Posted by Pam (26.11.12 at 19:20 )

The most valuable knowledge is to know what we want communicate. Einstein said: “Information is not knowledge.” What can ensure that lives of Mia and Sebastian are far more meaningful and fulfilling? You live an incredible life and empowering others to do the same with your books.

#257 Posted by Leanne (26.11.12 at 22:47 )

Tell us a little something of your background. I’m sure it gave your parents happiness to see you doing something creative. When you were young, did you always want to write? You are such a wonderful writer!

#258 Posted by Sarah G. (27.11.12 at 03:08 )

I would ask her how she chose which characters would die and which would live in the end? Why did Mira have to die? I would want to ask Amalia how her life reflected in each one of the characters/does she see herself in all of them or just a few? I would ask Amalia how she managed to come up with all the stories/books. It’s just catching, stunning, amazing, impressive. I respect her a great deal.

#259 Posted by Susanna (27.11.12 at 03:41 )

If you could spend a whole day with one person who would it be? If I told you to look at your answers and then think about how Jesus would answer them would you change your answers if all of his answers were for you, or would you keep them the same?

#260 Posted by Bella (27.11.12 at 07:35 )

If a successful hero returns from his journey, what would be the definition of a tragic hero like possibly Mia at the end of the third part of the LOVEFOOL saga? What is the difference between the special beings and the hero?

#261 Posted by Dana (27.11.12 at 10:14 )

You have won a prize. The prize has two options, and you can choose either (but not both). The first option is a year in Europe with a monthly stipend of $2,000,000. The second option is ten minutes on the moon.

Which option do you select?

#262 Posted by Arthur (27.11.12 at 12:44 )

Your books are full of love, passion, mystery, struggling, and spirituality. Would you personally be willing to sacrifice everything for the man or woman of your life as Mia does for Julian?

#263 Posted by Nicky (27.11.12 at 15:28 )

Is Mia living at the end a life that she wants or do you feel like she has settled into a life and mission that she are unhappy with? Who or what are the connections in Mia’s life that could be opportunities for her success in the third part? One of the best eye opening and giving hopes experience I had reading a book. It really changed some of the ideas and culturally influenced “religious” belief I had.

#264 Posted by Maya (28.11.12 at 01:22 )

Do believe that people are inherently good or bad?

What makes you happy?

Do you daydream a lot?

How many jobs have you had in the past 10 years?

What do you see as your greatest achievement?

#265 Posted by Scott (28.11.12 at 01:33 )

You write that we are not alone in the world (because of the special beings). What about being alone in the universe? Are moral values relative or absolute? How do you decide between right and wrong?

#266 Posted by Derek (28.11.12 at 13:23 )

What do you like the most and what the least in the writing process? What’s your current writing project? Tell me a little something about your current work/book. I’m a huge fan of the series since I’ve read the first part of Lovefool and have stuck with it ever since. Some out of mild obsession, but mostly out of loyalty towards the books that helped me on the road to nerdiness and reading.

#267 Posted by Raymond (28.11.12 at 13:42 )

How many hours a week do you work? What is your retirement plan? What do you plan to do when you stop working?

#268 Posted by Meredith (28.11.12 at 14:30 )

Can a man and a woman ever just be friends? Mia and Sebastian are friends, but you see the the tendency of Sebastian to have more than just friendshp. Will it change in the third part of the book?

#269 Posted by Anna (28.11.12 at 14:32 )

What movie(s) and book(s) and people have had an impact on your life, even if only for a short while? Would you tell me your ten favorite musical artists?

#270 Posted by Jochen (28.11.12 at 17:28 )

A team of scientists recently found that romantic love involves chemical changes in the brain that last 12 to 18 months. After that, you and your partner are on your own. Relationships require maintenance. Is love – in you opinion- ever forever?

#271 Posted by Jordan (28.11.12 at 20:23 )

How did you evolve from writing about special beings like Julian and his family to writing about the life of Roman soldier? What is the current status of your new book and when can we get it.

#272 Posted by Craig (28.11.12 at 23:38 )

“The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility.” What do you think?

#273 Posted by Judith (29.11.12 at 00:42 )

At the moment, I’m dealing with some very sharp and intense thoughts that I’m sure everyone has had at some point in their life. I think a lot about my own mortality and the mortality of my loved ones, and I wonder what it’d would be like to lose them; if I can even begin to imagine the possibility of living in a world without them. I think about the fact, the one utter certainty that every human must face; that one day I shall die. I try and try to find a way around it, to avoid it, but I know that I can’t because it is just a fact of life. But I am terrified, I don’t want to know what it is to be dead. The fact that NOBODY knows what it is to be dead make it terrifying. I don’t want to fade away into unconsciousness and non-existence. I feel that it somehow makes my entire life ultimately futile. I believe in no religion because I don’t like to cover up things I don’t like or am afraid of with fairy tales and things I cannot prove. I have a very logical mind, one that strives to understand, and when my mind can’t (or won’t) understand, I spiral down into a vortex of depression and anxiety that is near impossible to shift. I’d be interested to hear the thoughts of others who have had the same thoughts and experiences.
Why did you title the second part “immortal” and “mortal”? Does it mean “I am immortal” or “I am mortal”. Is is Mia-rleated or is it for any reader or any person?

#274 Posted by Steven (29.11.12 at 01:02 )

William Ross said: “Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” If you have one day or one hour left to live, what would you do? What are the biggest things you’ve learned in life to date?

#275 Posted by Mi (29.11.12 at 01:33 )

If you could be granted one wish that would help someone else, what would that be? If you had the ability to solve ONE problem in the world – what problem would you solve?

#276 Posted by Preston (29.11.12 at 02:40 )

Is Kant correct in asserting that people should be praised or blamed only for what they have control over and not for what they have no control over? It seems obvious that congratulating someone on his height or punishing a mentally handicapped person for not doing algebra correctly is ridiculous. Yet, along with Aristotle, we still do this for virtues and vices, even though a person’s courage, wit, wealth, etc., is often due to heredity and upbringing rather than personal choice. How do you know when, and in what proportion, to praise or blame?

#277 Posted by Mike (29.11.12 at 07:18 )

I can’t understand how anyone can believe that some kind of magic power sat there and created everything, the world by thinking it. Your story is rather a fairy tale than science, but I like it. I thought the religious people got smart and decided to combine the two, say that God started evolution and that Genesis is an old fucking story? Or am I just being all naive and giving people credit for being smart?

#278 Posted by Winona (29.11.12 at 09:42 )

How would you explain love to somebody who had never heard of it before? Three places you would love to visit? Where do you get your news (for example, TV news programs, radio, newspapers, newsmagazines, the Internet, friends)?

#279 Posted by Boylan (29.11.12 at 10:33 )

Amalia in general, revolves around questions of power. Humanity has the ability to destroy both itself and the earth. Will the story end up tragically? Will all Wisemen met at the end and will it be the end of the world?

#280 Posted by Marta (29.11.12 at 11:25 )

How do you symbolize the argument: Nothing created God. So God didn’t create everything?

#281 Posted by Marcel (29.11.12 at 11:41 )

Do you believe anyone can be unworthy of happiness? Why, or why not? How would Kant justify his argument that someone can be unworthy of happiness?

#282 Posted by Hanni (29.11.12 at 12:09 )

Some people are trapped in their child-like fantasies and they like to daydream and move in a world where everything is constructed outside the realms of reality. It can include characters from video games, cartoons, and yes, even book heroes. Are you such a person, too? What is the reason you invented the special beings?

#283 Posted by Nicole (29.11.12 at 12:59 )

Basically, the good guys win and the bad guys loose. Will it be so in the Lovefool Trilogy?

#284 Posted by Enzo (29.11.12 at 15:12 )

A book as inspiring as this, or should I say a person as inspiring as this. Thank you for writing the Lovefool Saga. If you could only see black and white except for one color, what color would you choose to see?

#285 Posted by Barbara (29.11.12 at 16:24 )

Even though it takes a lot of will power of the mind not to think about death, you should probably not waste the time that you have in your life by thinking about the inevitable. Then, I think you describe it all so wonderful that I want to believe that it all makes sense. Will you describe the other side of death or something?

#286 Posted by Ferg (29.11.12 at 18:40 )

What do you value most in a friendship? Would you tell me what inspires you to do or to think? If you knew your future would you change it or let it happen? Is it important for you to be involved in your local community? How important is it to you to contribute time or money to charity?

#287 Posted by Isobel (29.11.12 at 20:15 )

I believe in science, the cold facts and the theories. Remember that evolution is referred to as the theory of evolution, meaning that unless it is proven true or false, it’s a theoretical concept. What do you believe?

#288 Posted by Marc (29.11.12 at 23:15 )

To live it to the fullest. Now, that may vary from person to person; many people are perfectly happy in their mundane lives, and some are not. Our purpose for being here is to live, and learn, and make merry, and be good people. Make a difference. That is the meaning of life to me. What is yours? ac

#289 Posted by Mommo (29.11.12 at 23:31 )

What never seems to end? What moves you deeply?

#290 Posted by Ally (30.11.12 at 00:19 )

-What Is Your Perception Of Hell?

-What Is Your Perception Of Heaven?

-Does Religion Matter In Today’s World?

#291 Posted by Callie (30.11.12 at 01:37 )

I highly recommend this book to everyone who have lost loved ones. It is very scripturallly written with no personal opinions. It is about meaning of life, creating people, death, suicide, immortality, and optimism and pessimism. Light and breezy, concerned with the journey full of sacrifices…. These book are a examples of real engagement with experience. How do you manage to stay so objective and still inspiring, to preach in the way that doesn’t look like preaching at all. Packed with plain, static prosaic statements rather than progressing poetic lines, they appear more like a wonderful story or a fairy-tale. How can I learn from your books to be a better person?

#292 Posted by Karina (30.11.12 at 01:56 )

Is Mia a natural leader and other people and special beings are natural followers?

#293 Posted by Grizzwald (30.11.12 at 01:56 )

„If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am become sounding brass, or a clanging cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.‎“ What do you think about it?

#294 Posted by Aaron C. (30.11.12 at 03:37 )

What was your biggest childhood fear?
What was the most unique gift you were ever given?
What is your best vacation memory?

#295 Posted by Nick (30.11.12 at 08:53 )

How can someone change their attitude towards life?
In a positive way? If they are surrounded with a negative environment at home or in some other place, and they can’t do anything about it, most of the time they are depressed. How can they change their perspective of life, and start focusing on something good? I think that reading your books helps, there are a lot of good positive people and attitudes and your readers will probably find a few questions and answers that they can incorporate into their lives. Where do you take the power to motivate and to cheer up people so good?

#296 Posted by Misia (30.11.12 at 08:56 )

i lie to myself to be happy. my happiness is getting through the depressing day of school and coming home for a cig and a joint. i enjoy just being by myself and having my solitude. i try really try to be happy, i lie to myself to be happy. we all do it, right?

#297 Posted by Mirek (30.11.12 at 09:15 )

In episodes of Doctor Who with Cybermen or Daleks there was the statement No emotion= no humanity. Think of the difficulties emotions bring. Hardship, the will to do and to become, love and it’s pathways in life, and also hate. If we didn’t have emotions, life would especially be easy. However, is the easy way always the justified and powerful path? Would life be easier if nobody felt any emotion?

#298 Posted by John (30.11.12 at 09:17 )

What are the assumptions that you were taught about what it means to be a woman? In what ways are women socialized to fit the mold of gender roles? How do these assumptions affect the ways that you see world?

#299 Posted by Leah (30.11.12 at 09:28 )

You’re skydiving and you realize your parachute isn’t opening. You’re definitely going to die when you hit the ground. What would you think about/do for the last 5 minutes? If you were asked to say your last words before being executed and you know they would be broadcast to the whole world, what would you say?

#300 Posted by Mommo (30.11.12 at 10:29 )

What is the nicest thing that has been done for you by someone else? How powerful is believing?

#301 Posted by Sara (30.11.12 at 10:39 )

If I asked you for your last dollar, would you give it to me?
What is the best thing about being you?
Do you think anyone else is responsible for your happiness?

#302 Posted by Raj (30.11.12 at 11:23 )

Time – what is it? It seems unlikely that time travel could ever be possible, never mind feasible, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting to sit and ponder questions about time travel. For example, if you could travel back to any point in time, where would you do and what would you do — would you just watch or would you intervene?

#303 Posted by Timmy (30.11.12 at 12:27 )

Who do you most admire throughout all history?
If you have three wishes, what would you wish for?
Who did you look up to as a kid?

#304 Posted by Nick (30.11.12 at 13:49 )

What is a word that people tend to use too loosely? Is it Love? Do people understand that you aren’t ever willing to lose the person you love regardless of arguments or opinions?

#305 Posted by Michael (30.11.12 at 14:25 )

You started a social movement with your books, you changed the world already. The key to wisdom is knowing all the right questions. By what age should you know what you want to do with your life? When is your future behind you? The meaning of life is a question that can occur to us in moments of joy, boredom or despair. Do you have any answer to this question, or is the solution to be found in the process of searching?

#306 Posted by Maria S. (30.11.12 at 15:27 )

Who should play you when your life will be filmed?

#307 Posted by Craig (30.11.12 at 15:33 )

Mind or Soul? Is it really wrong to sacrifice one for the other one if it serves for you to live a happy life? The Mind is where the Soul/Spirit resides, not to be confused with the Brain which is Physical, so can we sacrifice one without sacrificing the other?

#308 Posted by Gea (30.11.12 at 16:37 )

Philosophically speaking- What is the exact nature of God…? You underline the role of the FREE WILL. Free Will and God in Christianity? This immediately struck me as odd because i realized that the Christian religion recognizes god as omnipotent and omniscient. Meaning that when he creates us individually, he knows everything about us down to every nerve cell we possess, and along with knowing everything else in the world he knows exactly how we will react to things. This applies regardless of whether nature or nurture is true for how we learn. But god doesn’t just know these things about us, he created every cell, molecule, and atom in our body. So therefore having created us he knows exactly what we will do, but also since he made us that way he essentially made every choice for us when he created us. So how would free will exist then? Since god created our bodies and all and while making us knew what we will do throughout our lives, isn’t he essentially making all our life choices for us? Do humans have a delusion of choice? Which philosopher influenced your sights mostly?

#309 Posted by Gabby (30.11.12 at 17:37 )

What is your take on 2012 end of the world? I personally don’t believe it, People use the Mayan excuse, but the Mayans made their calendars in multiple year intervals. Remember they were wiped out? 3 weeks and counting. Soon it will be over. Not the world, but these questions. But I still want to know what you think?

#310 Posted by Tessa (30.11.12 at 17:55 )

What are your dreams ?

#311 Posted by Ronja (30.11.12 at 18:26 )

You are for me the most interesting writer of the younger generation, because you’re asking for things that are important to all of us: faith, friendship, love. You don’t give answers, but you give a new, wonderful conception of special beings that live around us and can back up us.
What is the most powerful emotion you experienced yet?

#312 Posted by Bora V. (30.11.12 at 20:22 )

Are you laughing about the people, the religion and the politics? Your book is seriously meant or is it a wink of the eye?

#313 Posted by Sam (30.11.12 at 21:34 )

The question of the church’s claims of faith and morality vis-à-vis the other traditions of world culture was posed for me early in my academic career. I was influenced by two brilliant classicists, Robert Palmer and Philip Merlan at Claremont. Both of these men preferred the culture and philosophy of Greco-Roman antiquity to Christianity. Their perspective transformed my stance toward Judeo-Christian tradition. We are a people with a history, much of it bad. But its bad parts also teach lessons that we should not forget.
How do you handle it? our past? Your future? Your faith?

#314 Posted by Mathilda (30.11.12 at 22:53 )

You want to be in love, so you fall in love with the idea of being in love. You purposely go into a relationship, not because you fell in love off the cuff, but because you wanted to be in love with someone. If I love the idea of someone, I can sit and fantasize about him all day long, and in my head, he seems like such a nice guy and I really want to be with him in real life. A lot of people fall in love with what they think a person would be like, only to find out after the fact that they don’t quite live up to the preconceived notion. Kind of like a movie star who plays a role. You fall in love with the character, but the person is nothing like the character. It’s kind of like being in love with the idea of love, but real relationships never quite measuring up.
Is Mia really loving Julian and is Julian really loving Mia or do they just have the feeling that they love, but they don’t love for real?

#315 Posted by MrBojangles (30.11.12 at 23:47 )

If the book is humanity and humanity has many different authors, are we all like torn pages of the same book? Or rather variations on a theme? Or rather separate books, some with dog eared pages, some just published, some unread, some in foreign languages, and yes, unfortunately, many with torn pages, but we’re all in the same library?

#316 Posted by Amalia Angellinni (01.12.12 at 12:00 )

Questions from e-mails:

Do you agree with the statement: “You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you; and in that you will be mastering change, rather than allowing it to master you.” – Sri Ram

What are the three most important characteristics to look for in a partner?

According to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, countries can’t own lunar real state. However, the Treaty doesn’t say anything about the rights of individuals to claim land. If it would be Possible to Own Property on the Moon, would you like to have a part of it or any other the rest of the solar system?

Lately I read „The Three Questions“, a short story by Leo Tolstoy. The story takes the form of a parable, and it concerns a king that wants to find the answers to what he considers the three most important questions in life. These three things are
What is the best time to do each thing?
Who are the most important people to work with?
What is the most important thing to do at all times?
What do you think about it?

Over the years I’ve come to stop believing in goal setting. Why? Because goal setting, or at least the way most of us are trained to do it, actually gets us to be obsessed about the how of attaining our goals, rather than the passion, the vision, and the beauty of the goal itself. In short, we get obsessed with the ‘means’, rather than the ‘end’. What do you think about it? Do you set plans or do you live spontaneously?

#317 Posted by Amalia Angellinni (01.12.12 at 12:00 )

Questions from e-mails:

“…As a man thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). And, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Luke 6:31). What do you think?

If today was it, would you die knowing you did your best?
If tomorrow never came, would you be proud of the last thing you said to each person you love?
If you knew you had a choice about what kind of life you could be living, would you choose different?

When we’re young, we believe that the purpose of a romantic relationship is to provide you with an ultimate family: first a partner, then kids. But the purpose of a romantic relationship isn’t about procreation, necessarily. Actually, the purpose of a romantic union is to provide support and bring out the best in each other, so that each individual has the nourishment and strength to go out in the world and reach the life goals that each individual has. What do you think? Is the relationships between Julian and Mia such a romantic relationship? What is the main difference between a good relationship and a bad relationship?

For a person to be fulfilled in life they have to achieve happiness. Happiness is the ultimate means in itself; it is the one thing that people universally strive towards. Love above all holds the most intrinsic value and without love we cannot be fulfilled and achieve happiness. The ability of the father to display his affection to his mother and his daughter represent the happiness and fulfillment in his life. Are your parents good people and do you felt happy in your childhood? How do your parents show they love you? Can you be angry with someone and still love them?

Does telling someone you love them make you happy and does it make them happy?
Does knowing that someone loves you make you happy?

LOVEFOOL is For Me Moving Book that Answers Life’s Most Important Questions. Examining such common questions as “Why have so many painful things happened in my past?” and “If God loves me, why did I get so beaten by Jonas?” Angellinni encourages readers to not let “pain create our theology”. Is the Third Wiseman the God, because he proves to be a valuable teacher for any reader looking for a light on their path through life? What is it that makes a fulfilled life?

Do you see yourself as an evangelist to all ages? Are you Loving, or are you not? And if you’re not, why not?

Being Loving doesn’t mean we are hippy dippy granola yogis. Being Loving means standing in that place where you remember and accept that you are from a Source of Love that created, articulated and sustains The Uni-verse. And this remembrance understands that we are born lacking in the physical world what we have been sent to bring to the physical world from inside of us. Do you see it that way?

Love and freedom? You are all right if you really love, you will be ready to sacrifice your own freedom. But you must not imprison the one you love. An old proverb “let the canary free if it returns you will know it wants to be with you”. Is it the approach you follow with Mia and Julian?

#318 Posted by Amalia Angellinni (01.12.12 at 12:00 )

Questions from e-mails:

One of my kids asked how we knew we were humans and not pigs? What if we named ourselves wrong? What would you answer your kid then?

What are some motivating quotes you live by? If fear were the biggest illusion and the greatest lie of all time, how would you choose to live your life?

The most important question concerning any man living is this, is he a saved soul or no? It is of comparatively little consequence whether he be rich or poor, educated or uneducated, compared with this. Is he among the living before God or is he dead in sins? Is he pardoned or unpardoned? Is he a child of God or an heir of wrath? Is he walking in the darkness or has he passed into the light? Hence of all the days of a man’s history the most important is the day in which he is born again. What do you think?

The first blackmailers were Scottish landlords who exploited farmers by making them pay rent in livestock or services if they couldn’t pay in cash. The goods they had to hand over were usually worth more than the rent owned, and the landlords didn’t make change. Around the same time, local chieftains started going after the same farmers with the kind of scheme the mafia usually refers to as “selling insurance.” They made an offer the farmers couldn’t refuse: pay a fee for protection. If the farmers didn’t pay, then the chieftains would unfortunately be unable to prevent ruffians from destroying crops and sacking property. Do you you get any blackmail? How do you handle it?

If love was the true currency of the Universe and the more you gave away the more you received, how would you spend it?

What do you think about the classic statements from the Bible:
Psa 8:4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
Psa 8:5 For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honor.

Can you admit you are wrong?

Julian and further members from his family are special, unique creations from the mind of Amalia. How do you invited them?

Would you live in the same city with the person you love, but have a meaningless job or move abroad and build a career but face a long term relationship, and who knows maybe break up?

The saying goes “Every cloud has a silver lining” . Well im still waiting to find the silver lining, what about you?

Im trying to be positive and make lemonade out of lemons. Your books help me to go through my life has dramatically changed. How do you go through hard times?

What’s the nicest thing either you’ve done for a stranger or a stranger has done for you during the holidays?

#319 Posted by Amalia Angellinni (01.12.12 at 12:00 )

Questions from e-mails:

Do you agree that Space, Time, Consciousness and Will are the most important values in life?

If you knew failure is impossible, what would you do?

Can violence be a valuable remedy for injustice? For example when injustice will continue without being stopped, and all other feasible options have been attempted like with Jonas beating Mia or killing the villagers centuries ago? When is violence not injustice? Einstein was a hardcore pacifist until later in his life when Hitler became a threat to the world. While violence is not always the answer, and most likely rarely, it does have value depending entirely on the circumstances. Will Mia meet Jonas again? Will she get a revange?

If the impossibility of predicting what any one person will learn from a piece of art is problematic, then so be it. Personally, I am laconic and cynical about Art, and so am not disappointed. Nobody can even suggest whether what you learn from a piece of Art is worthwhile, accurate, or even true. Or if true, on what level it is true.

In your book, Mia is hurt a couple of times. Also further characters are injured. Blood runs down in the veins of every person, so if it is consider violent then every person on the earth will be considered violent! If you see blood on a canvas do you relate that to a violent act? blood on a surface? Stains of blood, blood flow etc. Do you relate it more to life or to death/ violence acts? Why do you decide to show so much violence?

If you had one wish in life what would it be? Is it for health and happiness or is it for the fame and the fortune?

Love is illusional, conditional and controlling, selfish. If you really love someone, you need to give that person total freedom, because you want her/him to be happy, even if it is at your expense, even if it means she/he has an affair. you should be happy for that person because you love that person and your concern is her/his happiness. The problem is that your ego gets in the way and your feelings get hurt. when things do not go your way. but is that love The only true love is the unconditional love you have for your children but when they grow up, they don’t need you anymore so your unconditional love is just wasted on them. Real sad, I know, but it is the truth. I think you follow that thought in the LOVEFOOL saga. Is my assumption right?

Good relationships start with good decisions, and evaluating your beliefs about relationships and love before you start a relationship is the most important thing you can do. You must be sure that your expectations are realistic in order to have a happy and functional long-term relationship, and I’m including a quick cheat-sheet below you can use to do a little self-exploration in the romance department. What do you think about falling in love and making such lists whether you’re prepared for love or not?

#320 Posted by Amalia Angellinni (01.12.12 at 12:00 )

Questions from e-mails:

Anyone can be a fool of love, but is anyone lovable? Does your focus create your reality?

I think the more dependent you become on someone, the more vulnerable you are. Do you agree?

Who said life was supposed to be simple? Life is anything but simple. Why do we make it complicated? Is life simple for anyone?

Our parents are totally going to ground us for talking about this, but if you must know, a “curse” was originally just a bad type of prayer. Thus, the first curse word was likely “damn,” as in asking God to damn someone to Hell, which was considered taboo because of the religious power it wielded. How Does a Word Become a Curse Word? Which words are for you the most „cursed“ one?

Every resolution you will come to, every dream you will ever have, every victory, every sadness and every everything that has to do with life, connection, community and love has everything to do with simple questions. Do you wonder about the force and impact your life has on the world?

How important is love in our life?

There has been medical research dedicated to the question of what happens after the body dies. You may check the information given by persons such as Dr. Raymond Moody about what they call “near death experience” or NDE on You Tube (“Life After Life” by Dr. Raymond Moody). Dr. Moody wrote a book entitled “Life After Life” about his research on this subject. The soul continues to exist and is in fact more alive after we die physically. It goes on to the next level of life. Many said they were welcomed by the Creator of all things who is good and loving. What do you think happens to soul when you die?

Which 5 words could describe you the best? Crazy, creative, happy, content, and faithful? Independent and free-spirited? Open-minded and spontaneous?

As Woody Allen put it, “I don’t want to become immortal through my work, I want to be immortal by NOT DYING!”. What do you think about it?

I knew that many people still think that “Human Life has no purpose”. If a man has no purpose in his life, then he will be end up wasting lots of energy. I find that most people who argue that life has no meaning are usually those who give it no meaning. For me it’s clear that that every human action can be reduced to just a single word “the happiness”. The ultimate purpose of human life is “to be happy”, just that simple. What is your opinion?

Sometimes we find something meaningful in life that others find meaningful too, such as nowadays how K-pop is being supported by many fans so that the K-pop industry can show more great music and people show them great support. However, sometimes we find something meaningful that others don’t really understand its value, such as unconditional love and forgiving no matter what. Not everyone finds this meaningful because it hurts to be hurt. And there are other people who only find something meaningful after knowing that it’s being valued by someone else. For instance, a guy breaks up with his girlfriend because she’s not really his type, but when he sees her walking with another guy who appreciates her just the way she is, that guy then feels regret and realizes what he lost. On the other hand, there are things that lose their meaning and their importance starts to fade out slowly. An example could be an item we treasure a lot, but when we see an even better item of better quality, we buy the new item and the old one is not being looked at anymore. As for me, personally, something becomes meaningful after i am able to see how much effort has been put in it in order for it to be accomplished the way it is. An example would be marriage. It is meaningful to see two people putting in all their love, honesty and loyalty in a relationship for it to be able to last “til death do us part”. What about you? What is meaningful to you?

Isn’t it weird being human? You described some supernatural beings. It would be so great to be able to live their life. Would you change it if you could?

I don’t want this to erupt into a religious debate, but say there’s no after life. Why would anyone keep living knowing that it’s all for nothing? What follows after death in your opinion? In your book, you describe many different things related to that topic, but there is no direct answers yet. Will it be differently in the third part of the book?

Neuroscience says that our brains functions are mainly chemical reaction that are triggered by electronic pulses and this is know as the consciousness; however, this is only happening 10-15% around the brain at a give time. Do you rather rely on your brain or on emotions?